Coupon box organizers

Method #2 – An Expanding File Or Wallet

If you desire, you can even color code the different types of coupons. Simply use construction paper in the same color for each category.

Blue could be cleaning supply coupons, pink for clothing coupons, yellow for produce, and so on. If you are organizing your photos and find yourself with an empty album, don't throw it out. Instead, use it as a coupon organizer.

Use a sticky note to label each section and slip coupons into the photo slots. If you fold longer coupons, you can usually fit two or three in one photo slot. Make sure you keep the album organized, just like the box and binder systems. Stagger the labels to make it easier to find the right section.

No coupon organizer is going to work well if you don't do a little occasional maintenance.

That's not you, right?

Follow these tips to keep your free organizer useful:. It shouldn't be a hassle to save when you visit the grocery store, discount store or clothing store. Keep all of your shopping coupons sorted by making a free organizer at home. The display can stand very stable to hold your bracelet.

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Organize your coupons in a box - with tutorial and video!

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Jenn's Coupon Box Organizer- Clip & organize coupon inserts quickly

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